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Best Career Guidance Platform In India 2020

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Career Counselling

At Zaslearning we provide career counselling to the graduate and undergraduate students for pursuing their studies in the best foreign universities. We also support individuals aspiring for diploma and certification programs. We make them aware about exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Career Workshop

We at Zaslearning provide the ultimate Career Counseling Workshops at the local level so that the Indian students can reach to foreign universities by getting proper exposure. These opportunities can be accessed through low investment and high rewardsTechnology.

Psychometric Tests

Alongwith Constant Guidance from experts we also conduct several Psychometric Tests, Aptitude Tests, and Performance Tests that will help the students to identify their core potential and their interests that will help them to decide the best career opportunity for them.

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    Psychometric Test 8th – 9th Standard
    10th Standard
    11th – 12th Standard

    AI Based Career Assessment Platform

    • Multi Dimensional Career Assessment Platform
    • Career Analysis across 150+ Career Paths
    • 3000+ Occupations options
    • AI for higher accuracy and reliability
    • An execution plan in just 45 Minutes
    • Round the Globe reach to the universities
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